The company Alpin Kom was established in 2004. Just from the beginning the company specialized itself in producing high quality molded plywood parts for chairs, like seats, backrests, shells, armrests and legs. The company has its own beech veneer production line so the quality of the plywood is guaranteed. The whole factory has around 9000 m2 covered working space with over 270 employees. The capacity of the company is more than 100000 pieces of molded plywood parts (seats, backrests, shells, armrests, legs) per month.

Our company is completely environmentally friendly oriented, as we are using raw material purchased from sustainably managed forests and FSC® certified suppliers. For the production of plywood we use adhesive, which complies with the E1, TSCA and F**** formaldehyde emission standards. We are also holders of the CARB certificate. Being able to produce high quality plywood parts while keeping competitive prices is the number one reason why customers choose us. We provide first-class service and industry leading lead time. That is why our company is a proud partner of many valuable furniture brands worldwide like STOKKE, Ikea etc.

Alpin Kom is the main chairs and plywood chair components supplier of almost all national chair manufacturers and resellers, and with its around 90% export orientation is one of the biggest plywood chair components supplier in the Balkans, Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Established in 2004

9000 m2 covered working space


100 000 pieces capacity per month

90% Export oriented

Production & Technology

For the production of the molded plywood parts made from our own beech veneer production line, the company uses:


High frequency presses



Hot water presses



CNC machines



Scanning mold making technology

The sizes of the presses are different so we can produce many different kinds of molded plywood. The dimensions, design and the form of the product can be made to meet the customer demands. The product can be also sanded and made ready to be lacked or painted. With the help of 3D scanning technology we are able to produce press mould for any form of product.
We constantly seek to improve technologies used in production for increasing quality, performance, optimize costs and benefits, which we share with our clients. We strive to always meet our customers’ demands and that is why we must have access to the latest technology, what is our main goal.


 We are able to produce virtually any type of molded plywood part that might be used as a chair component. Our current portfolio which is constantly growing counts over 500 molds for all types of seats, backrests, shells, armrests and legs. Remaining totally open to support our clients during the designing phase of any chair is what makes us unique among our competitors and also a very valuable partner for all our clients. Below you can see just a few examples of what we are actually producing.

Contact us

Head office

Ljupco Lazarevski
General manager
MOB: +389 (0)70 954 740

Bosko Lazarov
Operations manager
MOB: +389 (0)71 246 520

Company adress

str.Vera Jocik n.8 ; 2320 Delchevo, NMK

Factory location

Atar na s.Grad (Gradski preod), Delchevo, NMK